Istanbul Divorce is a globally recognized Turkish family law firm with a long record of excellence and professional leadership in Istanbul, Turkey. Our divorce attorneys are ready to help you on family property division in Turkey. Our family lawyers prepared to handle divorce cases, from a simple no-contest divorce proceeding to a complicated contested divorce in Turkey with significant property and children. Our divorce lawyers also represent our clients in other family law issues including; contested divorce, uncontested divorce, alimony, compensation, child custody, child support, recognition of foreign divorce decree, and other family law litigation.

Istanbul Divorce is an award winning and successful Turkish family law firm that specialize in Family Law. Our Turkish divorce lawyers have an outstanding success record with over 90% of cases successful in Court in 1992 to date. We know our law, our lawyers care about your case and we will stop at nothing to make sure you are safely taken to the next chapter of your life with maximized results and minimized damage.

Family Property Division in Turkey

Our Turkish Property Division lawyers know that dividing your marital property often means parting with half of your assets, some with vivid memories and emotions attached. Our top rated lawyers at Istanbul Divorce listen to your story and your goals. Our award-winning Istanbul family law firm creates your strategy and guides you towards the best possible outcome for a fair and meaningful property & debt division.

Family Property Division in Turkey

Family Property & Debt

Under the Turkish Civil Law Code, your family property & debt is often split equally between you and your spouse unless you can prove significant unfairness of this arrangement. Our firm has cutting edge knowledge of how this new law affects our clients and can identify cases in which application of such law would be deemed unfair by the court. We strategize tactics for minimizing allocation of debt acquired by your spouse and for maximizing your receipt of family properties such as real estate, businesses, pensions, investments, household items and many other assets.

Real Estate Division

Your rights regarding real estate division depend upon the type of property at issue (for example, marital home, commercial property or rental property). Your marital home is generally divided 50/50, and its value is established at the time of your trial. You can recoup post-separation expenses through an agreement with your spouse regarding who pays the mortgage and who lives in the home until your divorce. Commonly, you can divide the home by selling it and dividing the equity or one party can buy out the other.

Turkish Legal Grounds for Divorce

Legal grounds for dissolution of marriage are divided into two groups: special and general. Sections 161 to 166 of the Turkish Civil Law Code define those legal grounds as follows: the special legal grounds are adultery, deliberate attempt to kill, maltreatment, humiliating behavior, committing a crime, unreasonable behavior, desertion, mental disease; the general legal grounds are incompatibility, coming to a mutual agreement on divorce, and living apart for three years after an application for dissolution of marriage has been denied by the court. Once a Family Court makes its decision, it can be appealed at First Instance Appeal Court (Bolge Istinaf Mahkemesi) after that it can be appealed at Turkish Supreme Court (Yargitay).

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Turkish divorce process can be complicated and drawn out, especially for parents and high-net-worth individuals. Divorcing couples must take many steps to reach for a divorce. If you are seeking legal representation in your divorce, our lawyers will guide you through the process. Since its foundation in 1992, Istanbul Divorce Turkish Family Law Firm has been the choice of numerous clients in Istanbul, Turkey. Thanks to its nationally recognized family lawyers, our firm is now one of the leading family law firms in Turkey. You may reach us for family property division in Turkey through our Contact page.