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Turkish Grounds for Divorce: Desertion

Turkish Grounds for Divorce

Section 164 of the Turkish Civil Law Code orders that if one of the spouses has deserted the other in order to refrain from his/her matrimonial obligations or due to an unjustified reason and has not come back for minimum six months, the separation is still going on, and the legal notice sent by the court to the deserter spouse upon an application by the other spouse remains unanswered, the other spouse will be entitled to file a lawsuit for divorce.

The term “desertion” is defined as termination of the spouses’ union. A spouse’s leaving of the other spouse to serve conscription-based military service, to serve time of imprisonment, sickness, business trip or for other similar reasons will not be considered desertion. The other spouse will be entitled to apply to the court for serving of a legal notice on the deserter spouse after six months elapsed as from the date of desertion. The said legal notice will invite the deserter spouse to come back and notify the sanctions to be enforced if he/she refuses to come back. This legal notice will ask the deserter spouse to come back within two months.

If the deserter spouse does not come back within said legal period, the other spouse will be entitled to serve a second legal notice on the deserter spouse, provided that such second legal notice can only be served after six months (including the period of two months granted to the deserter spouse to come back) have elapsed from the date of the first legal notice. If the deserter spouse is abroad, this legal notice must be sent to his/her address abroad.

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Turkish Legal Grounds for Divorce

Legal grounds for dissolution of marriage are divided into two groups: special and general. Sections 161 to 166 of the Turkish Civil Law Code define those legal grounds as follows: the special legal grounds are adultery, deliberate attempt to kill, maltreatment, humiliating behavior, committing a crime, unreasonable behavior, desertion, mental disease; the general legal grounds are incompatibility, coming to a mutual agreement on divorce, and living apart for three years after an application for dissolution of marriage has been denied by the court. Once a Family Court makes its decision, it can be appealed at First Instance Appeal Court (Bolge Istinaf Mahkemesi) after that it can be appealed at Turkish Supreme Court (Yargitay).

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