Agreed divorces are divorces of agreement. Our firm lawyers’ role is limited to preparation of pleadings, the divorce decree, and closing documents. Because of this, legal fees are substantially reduced. The basis for the divorce is “discord and conflict of personalities which destroy the legitimate ends of the marital relationship”, a no fault divorce. If both parties agree on all terms, a divorce can be simple and uncomplicated. Even with a full agreement, there are many documents that must be prepared correctly.

A contested divorce generally means a divorce which has not resolved items 1 to 4 through agreement. Courts generally do not allow you to divorce without resolving 1 to 4. Those need to be settled or decided upon before getting a divorce. If you cannot settle your issues, you will need to claim and argue them through the Courts.

Zina nedeniyle boşanma davası; Türk Medeni Kanunu’nun 161’nci maddesinde tanımlanmıştır. Eğer eşlerden biri zina ederse diğer eş boşanma davası açabilir. Zinanın oluşması için tarafların evlilik birliği süresi içerisinde eşten başka bir kişiyle ilişkide bulunması gerekir. Evli kadının kocasından başka bir erkekle, evli erkeğin de karısından başka bir kadınla cinsel ilişkide bulunması halinde zina edilmiş kabul edilir. Aynı cinsten kişilerin cinsel ilişkide bulunmaları zina sayılmaz.

Life does not stand still while you wait for your divorce to be finalized. You still have bills to pay, but now you have only a single income and equity tied up in your family property. Temporary or interim spousal support helps you with your living expenses until the judge issues a final order. If appropriate in your case, Istanbul Divorce applies for interim spousal support as soon as the divorce petition is filed.

Our Turkish Property Division lawyers know that dividing your marital property often means parting with half of your assets, some with vivid memories and emotions attached. Our top rated lawyers at Istanbul Divorce listen to your story and your goals. Our award-winning Istanbul family law firm creates your strategy and guides you towards the best possible outcome for a fair and meaningful property & debt division.

A power of attorney, available in Turkey from any notary public, must be granted to an attorney who will start the divorce proceedings. Divorce proceedings are generally open to the public. However, at the request of either party, a judge may choose to preside over a closed or private court case. Judges may also take temporary measures for the protection of the parties, their property, and the welfare of their children.